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Friday, 4 November 2011

love life

I'm on blogger how kool!  Thanks sis angelina you're awesome babysister, I love you.

Hmmm, well my fingernails are starting to have its natural colour back, damn it though I don't have any eyebrows and my eyelashes are falling out too. I was told that my hair was going to start growing back.  The worst part is the debilitating pain.  I dont know what's going on with the side effects of chemo treatments, oh my goodness!

I just came back from a nasty ugly angry place, I was fukin ugly to anyone who looked and talked to me like I was stupid or dumb.  I am not being racist I know these people thought I was dumb.   They kept explaining to me three times in a row when I asked them a  question. When  they clearly explained it the first time and I understood. Immediately they carried on a second time and then I said to him/her hey you just said that to me.  I understand and then again two times in a row.  I said it's four times now that you've repeated yourself.  I understand english!!!  With  their eyelids blinking quickly and a big sigh.   I get that look as if Im not suppose to talk back to them.  I was so mad and angry.  I felt like swearing and telling them not to be racist towards me.These are public relations people who are serving the public should know better, like Shaw Cable/Services, Pawn Shop, dumb asses. lol hahah.

Anyway, I know racism because I grew up with it. I can easily detected racists attitude by people's behavour towards me.  Yup, so that was me and people in society, fuk!  It is so frustrating. I felt like a minority in our own country, defeated.  I want to get out of this society that condones racism and live in the bush.

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  1. You're welcome. Enjoy blogging it will get some of that frustration out of your system without resulting to hitting anyone.

    Hugs, love you too!!!